Belonging is at our core

There’s no belonging without diversity and inclusion. To create a world where people can Belong Anywhere we must take real steps to build a workplace where everyone feels welcome and all voices are heard.

Airfinity groups are employee-led resource groups that celebrate the individual experiences that make our community great. They create more awareness and advocacy around the issues our employees value and help guide our company’s diversity initiatives in recruitment, leadership, product development, and community outreach.

Some of our amazing airfinity groups:
Black@ strives to ensure that all members enjoy a sense of belonging at Airbnb. We provide a safe meeting space for Black employees and allies to discuss racial and ethnic diversity in recruitment, retention and community efforts at Airbnb.
Able@ is a group for employees with varying (dis)abilities visible, invisible, and everything in between, as well as our allies. Able@ is designed to uplift and empower members while engaging in advocacy efforts to raise awareness and improve accommodations for our unique needs.
AirPride@ meets regularly with the mission of keeping Airbnb an amazing place for LGBTQ people to work. We plan social events, LGBTQ-centered volunteer efforts, and work to educate the greater office through events like Pride and internal educational panels.
Asians@ is a collective of Asian and Pacific Island (API) People & Culture Groups that provides a space for support and advocacy. We strive to ensure all members feel a sense of belonging at Airbnb, both within the company and our global community of Hosts & Guests.
Juntos podemos! Juntos@ celebrates the similarities and diversity that our culture has to offer. We strive to educate, elevate, and support our Latinx communities through volunteer events, fiestas, lectures, and outreach opportunities.
The Women@ Airfinity group is a safe place for all women at Airbnb and those who support them. We are dedicated to maintaining an open community for discussions about the challenges faced by women in tech, opportunities for mentorship and leadership support at Airbnb.
Veterans@ celebrates the contributions and sacrifices of Armed Forces service veterans. We support veterans’ causes internally and in the global community, including the recruitment of veterans at Airbnb and support for military families, disabled/wounded service members and veterans.